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Project Experience – US Projects

Alabama Counties
Client:Macon Co., Chambers Co., Bullock Co., Wilcox Co.
Schedule:2009 to Present - Average 10 Lane Miles per Year

In working with the Southeast Cement Association many Alabama Counties have performed full depth reclamation ...More

Buckeye Rd & Fellowship Dr/Industrial Rd
Client:Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
Location:Johnston & Lamar Counties, GA

These projects consisted of working with GDOT for an approved mix design to reconstruct and widen existing ...More

Virlyn B Smith Rd, City of Fairburn
Client:City of Fairburn Public Works
Schedule:April 2007 - 2.4 Lane Miles
Location:Fairburn, GA

Project consisted of the mix design, reconstruction and widening of an existing 22' road section with severe ...More

Birchwood Foods Parking/Loading
Client:Birchwood Foods
Location:Norcross, GA

This project was a parking area with loading docks of a large meat processing company. The work consisted of ...More

Georgia Counties
Client:Monroe County, Coweta County, Fayette County
Schedule:2007 to Present - Average 30 Lane Miles per Year
Location:Monroe, Coweta and Fayette County, GA

Each of these Georgia Counties has developed a budget to perform a full depth reclamation project as required and ...More

I-75/I-85 Atlanta Connector
Client:Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
Schedule:Summer 2008 - Approximately 71 Lane Miles

The work consisted of milling and cleanup of approximately 630,000 square yards (525,000 square meters) varying ...More

City of Palm Bay, Florida
Client:City of Palm Bay Public Works
Location:Palm Bay, FL

City Council approved in 2006 a City wide road full depth reclamation and resurfacing program.More

Spruce Creek Home Owners Association
Client:Spruce Creek Home Owners Association
Location:Port Orange, FL

The Spruce Creek HOA developed a project that addressed the pavement sections in the community. This is a high ...More